Spent some time in #Serbia this summer and learned more about Savic Forbidden #Archaeology of Slavs. The difficult puzzle of our very Ancient Past is coming slooowly Together. 3 more articles to follow! Watch this space! <3 #consciousness #research #NeolithicEurope http://artof4elements.com/entry...

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Babylon Mysticism
Amorites first fighters for Justice Freedom Equality 2000 BC

Babylon Mysticism and art 2,000 BC
Amorites and North Africa's Advanced Civilizations
Following Humanity's fight for enlightenment
You must have heard of Babylon, the city that was pillaged numerous times and was offi...

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Mysticism or Magic
From Pythagoras to Aristotle and Plato 4 elements Symbolism

Our journey from worshiping silence towards the worship of God’s names to Idol worship

21st Century Spiritual Renaissance
Demystifying Magic When Eastern Aum meets Western Amen

It has all started and in its puzzling...

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Neolithic Wisdom
from Ancient Temples Solomon Temple to Greek Parthenon

Mystical Learnings from Ancient Temples

Walking the path of a spiral ascending, giving our deep respect to ancestors wisdom and scientists consciousness researches, with the knowledge that even within our history we follow ...

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21st Century Spiritual Renaissance
Demystifying Magic When Eastern Aum meets Western Amen

Mysticism or Magic 21st century spiritual Renaissance when east meets west
In sociology, we acknowledge the difference between the Eastern and Western worlds. Cultural rather than geographical divide, we me...

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Esoteric teachings of Golden Citizens of Ancient Greece
Spiritual Wisdom of Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle introducing Democracy within Greek City States 400 BC

Ancient Greek Philosophers 400 BC – 200 AC
Closer to Truth closer to Gods

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Leonardo da Vinci's Leda with Swan Mystical Knowledge
Mesopotamia Gods and their Ancient Wisdom

Ancient Worlds Teachings from Leonardo da Vinci's art- Leda with Swan

During 1505-1510, in Florence, Leonardo da Vinci paints his Leda with the Swan, with the motif of a natural landscape untouched b...

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New Consciousness and Group Dynamics
Learning about Subconsciousness from Ancient Mythology & Philosophers Prometheus Titans Patanjali

New consciousness & Subconsciousness of Group Dynamics
Learning from Prometheus and Titans, Ancient Greek art

The subconscious material or mind chitta has its o...

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Ancient Temples & Fire Stolen from Gods

Ancient Temples wisdom and Enlightened consciousness

Full moon on the Southern Gaia’s Hemisphere came expectedly yet surprisingly different. She met Him in full force, face to face, keeping us, mortals, speechless, causing a mini Universal Chaos within th...

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2 years ago
Inspiring Writings I purchased Mindful Being Gold that gave me an opportunity to experience all of Alchemy of Love courses. Inspiring writings from: 1. the spiritual poems that inspired me to take out my art brushes, 2. through the mindful eating with recipes that gave me a lovely urge to examine my diet, experiment with raw and vegan, and re-design my menu, to 3. the Mindful Being Course that touched almost all the aspect of my life. I felt I was on a crossroad so this re-design was highly appreciated. I felt as though I am in a garage repairing the bits that need a repair that could have gone un-noticed for many moons. Some lovely exercises observing both wakeful and dreamy states.
- De G
2 years ago
Conscious Parenting Course Review: 'I never liked parenting books, and always believed that experiences teach us much more than any book can when exploring the parenting world, yet I found Conscious Parenting the most amazing, inspiring course material that one could find around. Trust me, it is definitely worth going onto Nuit's parenting exploration journey, it is full of magic and true knowledge. Becoming a conscious parent is a challenge not all can take and it is a 'call' directed towards the future generations. If you feel that you belong to that future, as few of us do, get hold of the course, devote the necessary 12 weeks to its enfolding and learn through your-own experience. It is surely worth it!' Mindful Eating Book Review: 'Merging mindfulness exercises with some great vegan recipes is a great idea. I tried some of the exercises and vegan raw recipes from the free copy on the Google Books, I liked it and I purchased the course... Enjoyed experimenting with my nutrition ...
- Snezana P
9 months ago
- Francesco B

AoL Books and Courses

Research into Consciousness and Creativity. Applied Psychology and Philosophy from Tao to Jung to deeper understand Intuitive Wisdom and Pure Ratio, through Power of Mind.
The Mindfulness Training Series of 9 fiction and non-fiction books by 7 authors focusing on spiritual growth, creativity and mindfulness. A series of many genre's, including poetry, personal development, historical fiction, the world of ''AoL'' explores numerous self development themes. 
The Mindfulness Training Series of 9 fiction and non-fiction books by 7 authors focusing on spiritual growth, creativity and mindfulness. The  series of many genre's, including poetry, personal development, historical fiction, the world of AoL explores numerous self development themes. The titles of the AoL Series include: 
1. Art of 4 Elements: Discover Alchemy through Poetry, Spiritual Poetry Book, Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training #1, Year: 2014, by Nataša Nuit Pantović, Jason Lu, Christine Cutajar, Jeni Caruana, Publisher: Artof4Elements. Paperback: 266 pages. Size: 10"x10". The spiritual poetry and art book with 120 poems written by Nuit. These acted as an inspiration for the work of 3 other artists. The book explores alchemy and 4 elements, 4 stages of life, 4 magic directions ISBN: 978-9995754006

2. A Guide to Mindful Eating with 45 Veggie Recipes, Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training #2, Year: 2014, by Nataša Pantović Nuit and Mirjana Musulin, Publisher: Artof4elements. A collection of Mindful Eating Exercises and recipes that help the reader examine the eating habits and patterns within every day’s life. Vegetarian cooking book with mindfulness exercises. ISBN: 978-9995754068

3. Mindful Eating with Delicious Raw Vegan Recipes, Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training #3, Year: 2015, by Nataša Pantović Nuit and Olivera Rosic, Publisher: Artof4elements. Paperback: 120 pages. Size: 6"x9". Mindful Eating book is designed with the best Alchemy of Love Mindful Eating Exercises and a collection of Delicious Raw Vegan Recipes. Mindful Eating Exercises help with over-eating, eating too often, eating too little, eating junk food, food allergies, etc. Vegan cooking book. ISBN: 978-9995754020

4. Mindful Being towards Mindful Living Course, Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training #4, Year: 2015, by Nataša Pantović Nuit, Publisher: Artof4elements. Paperback: 192 pages. Size: 8"x10". Mindful Being is a 12 Modules Course full of self-development and mindfulness exercises that combine meditation, mindful living exercises, soul’s diary, spiritual diary, relationship contracts, and many other daily spiritual transformation tools to help the reader live the highest potential. The Mindful Being examines: Nutrition, Core Beliefs, Emotions, Mind Power offering 100s of self-development tools to increase Mindfulness, Creative Thinking, Joy and Love. ISBN: 978-9995754037

5. Conscious Parenting. Conscious Parenting: Mindful Living Course for Parents by Nataša Pantović Nuit with a consultant Ivana Milosavljevic, Year: 2016, Publisher: Artof4elements. Paperback: 226 pages. Size: 8"x10". Conscious Parenting Course is a Mindful Living Training designed for parents with mindfulness exercises and various creativity tools. Inspired by Waldorf educational model, Finland educational system with personal-development tools to look into parenting goals, dreams and priorities. ISBN: 978-9995754044

6. Chanting Mantas with Best Chords by Nataša Pantović Nuit, Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training #6, Year: 2016, Publisher: Artof4elements. Size: 8"x10" 77 pages. This guide is a chanting mantras manual designed to help within the mantras meditation journey. With more than 50 mantras from all around the world, their spiritual meanings, lyrics and chords, it explores: Hindu Sacred Mantras; Buddhist Mantras; Sufi Chants; New-Consciousness Mantras in English. ISBN: 978-9995754150 At the moment AVAILABLE for FREE

7. Conscious Creativity: Mindfulness Meditations by Nataša Pantović Nuit, Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training #7, Year: 2017, Publisher: Artof4elements. Paperback: 96 pages, Size: 6"x9". A collection of meditations, prayers and creativity exercises. It was during the Renaissance that creativity was first seen, not as a matter of divine inspiration, but as a gift of a great learned man to imitate God’s ability to create. Developing both Left and Right Brain could be essential for Creative Thinkers of our Future. To purify mind we start with the consciousness that the energy follows thoughts. Creativity Mindfulness Meditations explore prayers from around the world, meditation techniques, and mindfulness meditations. ISBN: 978-9995754112

8. Spiritual Symbols with Their Meanings, AoL Book #8, Year: 2018, by Nataša Pantović Nuit. Dedicated to all Mindfulness and Alchemy Explorers who see the beauty in every-day Nature & Universal sacred language of symbols and signs. We will not talk about spiritual symbols worshiped by major religions but about trees, numbers, spirals that we meet daily. Through symbols to mindfulness meditations. ISBN: 978-9995754129

9. Tree of Life with Spiritual Poetry by Nataša Pantović Nuit, AoL #9, Year: 2017, Publisher: Artof4elements. Paperback: 265 pages. Size: 6"x9". Tree of Life in various interpretations, within myths, and as a mystical concept represents the interconnections of all life on our beautiful planet. The book starts with an invitation to a Tantric Ball within the Field of Dreams. It is a journey of many true life stories interwoven into a question: What is our soul’s yearning, and do we live it authentically living our Highest Potential as Human Beings? The book is a spiritual exploration of four elements, four directions, four stages of Life. ISBN: 978-9995754136

10. A-Ma Alchemy of Love Spiritual Novel by Nataša Pantović Nuit, Year: 2017, Publisher: Artof4Elements. Paperback: 244 pages Size: 6"x9". A-Ma is a historical spiritual fiction book set in the 17th century Macao, China. The main protagonist is Ama, an African alchemist, Goddess, a guru, a lover, a story-teller that inspires and gathers artists, preachers, priests, philosophers from all around the world within the magic settings of her coffee house. ISBN-13: 978-9995754198

The books are a journey into mindfulness, exploring self-development, the alchemy of soul and the alchemy of humanity. They are published by Artof4elements: http://www.artof4elements.com and
Could be downloaded from AMAZON 

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